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Replenishing, anti-aging, organic face oil for all skin types.

Made in Morocco.

100% Natural - Organic & Vegan.

Fair Trade

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Cactus oil

Replenishing Serum

Heritage & Terre

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This is a project of Independence, Hope, Beauty and Heritage. We hope you will enjoy it and spread the love.

Héritage & Terre is an all-natural skincare company and premier source for 100% pure Moroccan cactus oil. Héritage & Terre is the collaboration of Soizic, a French esthetician, and a laboratory in Morocco who is choosing partners who are women's cooperatives, to contribute to the promotion of rural women and the sustainable development for this form of social economy that is the foundation of social progress in rural areas.

Both who share a deep affinity for the age-old beauty secrets. Soizic has been in the skin care industry for 20 years. She has traveled around the world as an educator and lecturer for several skincare lines. Ten years ago, she fulfilled her dream of building her own skin care salon in the San Francisco Bay Area. The name Héritage & Terre comes from our love for Morocco's unique terrain – rich in nutrients and in history. Heritage & Terre is honored to donate a portion of proceeds to the women cooperative that hand pick each fruit to produceCoeur de Cactus.



Our Coeur de Cactus Replenishing Serum (cactus oil) quickly absorbs into skin for fast nourishment. Improvements in skin health and smoothness can be seen as early as 15-21 days.



Rich in anti-oxidants that naturally repair tired and damaged skin. Reduces hyper-pigmentation. Decreases under eye circles and softens lines.



Abundance of vitamin E deeply moisturizes skin, increasing hydration and elasticity. Vitamin K strengthen capillaries to reduce dark circles and promote skin elasticity.



High concentration of omega-6 and omega-9 essential fatty acids slow down aging process by stimulating skin cell regeneration.

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We add a touch of Neroli and Petit Grain oil to our cactus serum – its natural anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties.